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Originally Posted by clinttho View Post
. I carried silver tips at the advice of a popular gun writer/expert when I first got my Glock 27 and 23. they're the same design as wwb hp. After a lot of research I switched to gold dots and feel much more confident and safe knowing the rounds will perform as intended more reliably than old tech sd ammo. I still have several boxes of the silvertip ammo in case I run out of range ammo or use my gold dots up and cannot get anything else.

My advice is use them til you can find 124g gold dots, ranger or HST ammo then switch. These are more proven designs that are more likely to be effective against an attacker if you ever need to use your weapon. The new high tech hp rounds are the best you can buy and not that much more costly. Just an opinion. I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying those knowing better rounds are out there on the shelves (even in this panic buying market I've seen 9mm gold dot, ranger, golden saber ammo in 124/147g weights online and in stores at decent prices.

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Good points.....Thanks.
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