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Carver Mount

I'm shooting "nuclear" handloads: 200gr XTPs @ 1250+, Barnes 155gr XPB @ 1400+, 200gr WFN Hardcast @ 1300+. I'm using a KKM 6" barrel w/a Wolff guiderod & 22 lb spring.

I like the hunting mount.

It takes some getting used to w/the weight moved forward.

I believe, the mount has an effect of "stiffening" the gun. This has an effect on which recoil spring weight I use. I must use a "lighter" spring, when I'm using the Barnes or the hardcast bullets, in order for the gun to function correctly (ie 19 lb vs 22). Similar to the effect you get when you put a "compensator" on.

The mount is sturdy. I used loctite, on the assembly bolts. Everything remains tight.

I did need to also loctite my C-more elevation lock bolt as that did come loose several times.

I like a red dot, in the woods, as seeing the front sight clearly is sometimes difficult. The dot is always there.

Good shooting
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