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I have never seen the average beat cop as my enemy. Most of them are just trying to make a living and provide for their family doing a very difficult job. But I do know what happened in and around New Orleans after Katrina. Cops were taking guns from citizens who were on there own property and in some cases inside their own homes. They were told to disarm citizens and they did. Afterwards the guns were allowed to rust in a storage locker. The city only agreed to return the guns after a lawsuit from the NRA. That is the fear that I have. When I was on active duty we were told that you did not have to obey an unlawful order. But when your rank is telling you to do something I would think that most cops will obey their rank.
Don't blame a few bad cops for following bad orders. Blame the citizens ( sheeple ) for not having the guts to tell the cops no. It's easy to talk tough.
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