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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Smith does. not build any steel autos except for 1911s, other than the Performance Center. I think they still build the 41 in the Performance Center.
Categorically untrue. As of now, S&W is still making their Gen3 metal frame guns for LE contract orders. The guns are made at their facility in Houlton, Maine (where they also make their excellent handcuffs). I'm from NY, and the 3914DAO and 5946 are still made for NYPD. The local gun stores stock the 3914DAO's for NYPD off-duty purchase. I've also seen new-manufacture 6946's available for local sale (also used here in NY, by NYC Corrections). Also, about a year ago S&W announced a contract sale of metal-framed .45ACP's (I don't recall which model) for a Police agency which wanted to continue the use of these guns. If you REALLY want a metal-framed S&W, certain models can still be had. You'll pay a Sig Sauer price, though.
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