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De-Zombifying an ugly gun

I am thinking of getting a with a lever-action 30-30 for a camping/truck gun, primarily for defense rather than hunting. Yes, I know the SKS is a better fighting gun. But traveling around and being on somebody else's land makes me not want to even appear to be looking for trouble. A lever-action rifle does not look like one of those terrible Assault Weapons. Where I live this isn't a legal issue (at least not yet), but simply a desire to maintain a low profile.

Most any lever action would work, however Mossberg makes a "tactical" model of their 464. From a strictly mechanical point of view, it's got potential. Short barreled and shorter overall length. Unfortunately, the thing looks like a prop from a Mad Max movie:

However, the rails could be removed and the fore stock repainted. I suppose the simplest thing would be to just cover the M4 stock with a leather butt cuff (something that covers the whole stock all the way up to the lever and holds some extra cartridges). Another option might be to repaint all the furniture almost anything other than black (maybe a nice hunter friendly Woodland Camo pattern?).

I could also replace the M4 stock with a side-folding stock of some kind. I would definitely want a folding stock with a more sporting profile, and it wouldn't have to be capable of being fired with the stock folded. This would still look like someone butchered an innocent cowboy rifle, but a "backpack" gun might be less threatening than an Evil Black Rifle. And I would have the advantage that almost nothing I could do to it would make the rifle look worse than it already does.

I would also like to find a way to carry it that doesn't look like a rifle case. Again, to keep a low profile, I'd rather that it not even look like I've got a rifle. The M4 stock collapses the rifle down to 32 inches. A folding stock could get it down to the minimum legal 26 inches and would be one of the reasons this rifle would make sense. I wish Mossberg had done that to begin with, but apparently they think there are more Zombie Hunters than campers or backpackers.

I want to blend in with a generic deer rifle, not look like a Super Mall Ninja. Can this rifle be redeemed, or is it a lost cause?
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