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Well I've learned something from watching Obama's recent statements...

When he (or any progressive liberal) is in the white house, the handouts will NEVER stop. If anything, the rich will be tapped just to give the FSA (free $*H*!*T army) more. They are voters, they are ignorant, and they are more FS = re-election.

I am also convinced the tab will never be called by China, Japan, etc...and the US will be given a bottomless pit of credit to borrow on.

No one has been able to say at what point the SHTF in such a scenerio. All I know is, I'm glad I bought it cheap and stacked it deep because when the SHTF, there are a LOT of have nots that will need swift dispatching when they go after the haves.

Main problem I'm having now is that my paycheck just shrunk and I'm not sure what I can do to resist the higher taxes?.... writing reps/senators seems to have the same effect as pissing in the wind. Any other ideas?



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