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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
That POS is nearly a $400 gun and it's made by Mossberg. That's like paying $600 for a Taurus revolver. That's more than I paid for my Marlin 1895G with scope, 50 rounds of ammo and about 500 rounds of ..223 thrown in. It shouldn't be hard to get a real lever action from a decent gun company for under $300.
I'm not committed to Mossberg as such, other than that the 464's apparently have a shotgun style stock attachment bolt. Which should make them more structurally able to accept different stocks.

You're right, the Tactical is an overpriced marketing gimmick. However, I'm thinking that it would be cheaper to buy one that's already factory set up to attach a folding stock, than to pay a gunsmith to modify a regular lever action.

In other words, it would be easier to fix the cosmetics on the Tactical, than to mechanically convert a normal rifle to accept a folding stock.
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