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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
The guys were probably asking themselves how much ammo that they have at home . . . . .
Good one.

Actually, they were all talking about other stuff. When a couple of them realized I was trying to see something on the shelves behind where they were talking, they politely excused themselves and moved over toward the fishing/camping stuff.

I suppose my point is that the WM shoppers had cleaned out the shelves of ammo, but the older, established general/hardware/sporting goods store not that far away hadn't experienced the same surge of panicked shoppers. What is it with people going to WM to buy ammo?

Granted, I'm not a WM shopper. I only go to a WM while traveling, grudgingly, and even then only if I can't find what I'm looking for at some other store, or I need to pull off the freeway for something not carried at a Safeway or drugstore, and a WM store is right there.

I've browsed the ammo selection in the sporting goods section in a handful of WM's over the last several years (while traveling) and I haven't been particularly enthused by either their selection or their pricing. I've seen bigger and wider selections of ammo at assorted Big 5 stores.
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