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Too bad geekiness is needed for DIY projects. I understand the OP said he's not a geek. Just throwing this out there for general info.

I set up a VPN+proxy in a Linux virtual machine. Hosted it in a server farm. Created VPN public/private keys for the immediate family so they can also access the proxy via the VPN.

Didn't do it primarily for autonomy, rather as a way of tunneling pass wi-fi hot/hotel spots when I use my phone or laptop to access websites.

I did authorize only a few header fields to be passed by the proxy. A dozen or more fields are blocked, including the 'Referer' field.

Laptops and phones are given a virtual network address to access the VPN's virtual network that the proxy listens to for connections. For the "smart" phone, I installed Firefox-beta and used "about:config" to have it use the VPN virtual network instead of the wi-fi network.
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