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Range time with Glock, AK, and HK

Wow had an amazing day at the local outdoor range! Had a whole pavilion to ourselves for our shooting fun.

Got some good work on the new Glock 23 Gen4. Put another 100 rounds of perfection throught it. Used some Winchesters. Man it shoots like a friggin dream. Accuracy is so impressive. Littered a tiny paper plate with bullet holes at 16.5 yards, double tapping with the follow up shots.

Then the real fun came

Attachment 230938

Got to shoot the Saiga AK47 too. To say that thing was amazing is an understatement. Blasting clay discs on the hill 50 yards away.

Next got to shoot the HK 93 .556. Didn't take pic at range but this was from before we left. (Note: no rounds are loaded in mag)

Attachment 230939

Was also a blast to shoot. Especially with the red dot tactical sight was able to lock in dead on to whatever you pleased. Was amazed however at how heavy the front of the rifle was. At first was having a hell of a time trying to keep the beast steady! Mad props to the soldiers that carry and shoot those weapons every day to protect our nation.

As we cleaned up from a great day at the range we had one last pleasure to enjoy. A gentlemen set up next to us on the 300 yard range with a .50 caliber sniper rifle, even had his own scout.

Attachment 230940

That bad boy is so powerful it took the air out of our lungs when it was fired. And if we didn't have ears on we would assuredly be deaf. Amazing power

Here's to hoping every day at the range is as fun and exciting as this one! Happy and safe shooting everyone
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