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Originally Posted by Glockdude1 View Post
A lever gun in .357 is a nice choice. You could shoot .38 also. With .357 rounds, recoil would be nearly non existent.

IMHO, this is a excellent suggestion, ballistics of the 357Mag form a rifle are JUST behind the 30-30 and if hand loaded the 357 Mag equals the 30-30. 357 and 38's are cheap and plentiful. The 30-30 has QUITE a blast form a short barrel, the 357 will be more pleasant...

BUT if your set on the 30-30, I would buy a used older Marlin and have the barrel/mag tube pruned to just over 16" then trim the stock down to 12-12.5'' LOP. Remove and oaint the stocks with Truck bed liner paint. This gets you a matt blk finish and is extreamly durable with a great texture. Add a shell holder to the stock and go enjoy your truck gun.

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