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the S doesn't have a grip smaller than the should be the same...check into the G30 may feel (as the G21 Gen4 feels to my paw) the smallest of them all with no back strap added.

I realize that the G30SF and the G30 Gen4 should feel the same but the frame pattern changes things a bit...

I had tried an original no groove Gen 2 G21 and didn't like the feel...bought a Gen 3 G21 and it was okay and definitely great reference the onboard payload...the Gen 3 G21SF felt better and I moved to that but the G21 Gen4 feels best should follow for the G30 Gen4 as well...

there is no G30S Gen4 (which would probably get me to buy one) yet and may never be one as they would have to re-engineer the G36 for Gen4 duty and that currently is unknown (at least by me)...

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