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Originally Posted by Slalom.45 View Post
Two questions. First. You weren't shooting at Barney's in Lafayette were ya? They have been packed lately on Saturdays.

Second. Where have you been finding new 21's to check out? I made a few calls and looked around at some shops and only found one Gen 3 17. For some reason there are a fair number of Sig's and S&W in the cases, but Glocks and XD's are gone.

Love my 21 BTW. It's an old police buy back, but I can shoot circles around my Gen 4 19 with it.
Really all ranges are packed nowadays. Everyone is buying guns and ammo!
I found a couple at Hebert Guns in Prarieville, but that was a couple of days ago. I'd say at the rate they are going he is probably sold out! I was talking about checking out the slide fit on a Gen 3 or waiting until someone has another Gen 4 and just seeing how the fit compares to mine, just for a little piece of mind.
I want to go shoot my G21 a lot more, its a sweet shooter, but I don't stockpile a ton of ammo so I'm going to have to keep checking around until I can buy a couple more boxes.
All this craziness has kinda ruined the experience for a while! Stand in line to buy ONE box of ammo, stand in line for and hour to shoot, stand in line at the gun counter to LOOK at anything!
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