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Originally Posted by glockfanbob View Post
Look up ulna/ulnar pain from curls on the web. That's what it sounds like. I've had the same type of thing before and time is the only thing that really healed it. One of my symptoms was that once you release the grip it has a quick pain then immediately subsides...till your next set.

As others have mentioned, I don't spend too much time on curls, just a few sets here and there.
That is exactly how it is. I just looked it up and it seems like the consensus is that it is due to too much weight for forearms to handle, even though biceps can take it with ease. My forearms arent small, but they could use some size. Guess ill have to find some exercises to slowly build them up to where they can handle they weight I have been doing.

With that said, what are yalls favorite forearm building exercises?
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