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Originally Posted by mac66 View Post
There's a lot of WTF in this thread.

Nobody hunts with hollow points and I don't even know of a hollow point load for the 30-30 and I've been shooting for 50 years. Anyone who hunts deer with a hollow point 357 is an idiot.

Second, while the idea of interchangeable ammo for rifle and pistol may sound like a good idea, there really is no point to it. Use your pistol which is easy and less powerful for close up self defense, and use a rifle in a rifle cartridge for longer distances. Using a pistol cartridge in a rifle negates the advantage of having a rifle, i.e, more power at longer range.

I have several pistol caliber carbines which are fun to shoot but if I need a rifle I am going to choose one in a rifle cartridge. I had a 357 mag lever action once. Never could figure out what it was good for other than playing cowboy.

Finally, the world is filled with short lever action rifles without having to resort to some POS gimmick gun from Mossberg.
Strong words my friend...
There are MANY good HP bullets specifically designed for big game hunting. As an example, Barnes has built a company making HP ammo designed for the largest game the world has to offer...
Speaking of 357Mag ammo used in a carbine barrel on game. I would and am more tactful... but I agree.
BUT using a 357Mag from a handgun, heavier HP ammo is VERY acceptable and desirable!

Why most peoples first reaction when hearing a 357Mag used for anything but people or targets is a negative is beyond me... Simply looking at the ballistics and knowing the bullets diameter will give you all the info thats needed. The argument that a 30-30 has more range is a valid one as its bullet is much more stream lined and will carry that ''power'' farther. But inside its useful range, (Limited because of the short fat 357 Mag bullet) as stated the 357Mag with proper bullets and load is SUPERIOR to the 30-30 Winchester. That meas that all you know as acceptable for the 30-30 is and can be applied to the 357Mag in a carbine... That's the facts.

I don't much care for the looks of this Mossberg either. But lets not run down this path as its a slippery slope... LOOKS don't alone make for a bad, evil, or non functional it simply makes it a different gun.

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