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Originally Posted by Photoman642 View Post
I recently purchased a Gen 2 G17 (YLxxx) and it is stone stock, in the original box with all the paperwork, two pre-ban mags, cleaning stuff, mag loader, etc. It still has the old parts in the gun (no upgrade done) and I'm wondering if this gun might be more valuable to a collector in stock condition? If not, I'll do the upgrade and shoot the thing.
Get the upgrade done. Shoot as much ammo as you can afford. Gen2 and Gen1 Glock pistols are too good to be left in the safe. I'd somehow suspect that if you are enough of an enthusiast to post here on GT, you didn't buy a Glock for it's resale value (all of about $600 to the right person, at the very most). That's my advice. Otherwise, you'll be missing out on a great gun.

PS: If you already have a Gen2 G17 as a "shooter", disregard! Keep that nice "find" in reserve in case you need it someday. Those of us with a preference for Gen1/Gen2 Glock pistols tend to prefer nothing else, and it's not like Herr Glock is making any more of them..............
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