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Originally Posted by zbomb View Post
Finger on the trigger, inside a building, while watching tv.... Good work.
You obviously cannot read. I stated NO AMMO IN MAG. Is it unsafe to hold a hunk of metal while in doors? Cuz that's all it is when there is no ammo in it. You guys here are so ridiculous. Im trying to share a good time with my fellow gun enthusiasts and all you can do is ***** and moan and tighten your safety patrol sash. I'm not wearing ear protection or eye protection either. Surprised that didn't ruffle your feathers.

And next time I'm at an indoor LGS (which that never happens) and salesman says go ahead and test the trigger pull (after checking multiple times to make sure firearm is completely clear) I will respectfully decline because apparently that puts people's panties in a bunch (referring to your panties)
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