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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
Less wounding potential? With 8 .36cal projectiles @1350 FPS?
Calculate the amount of shot surface area that is in contact with flesh as it travels through the target. That's what causes damage. The contact area times the penetration depth.

8 .36 cal balls provide 1.62 square inches of area contacting (damaging) flesh.

16 .30 cal balls (#1 Buck) provide 2.26 si. That's 28% more area (if I did the math right) damaging tissue as it passes through the target. One third more pellet area, 32%, over 00 Buck.

00 Buck typically penetrates 20-23 inches in ballistic gel. 000 Buck would be much worse (more penetration than 00B - bad). Any penetration beyond the target is wasted and in fact increases your liability by threatening other objects/people beyond your intended target. #1B hits the FBI recommended (>12" - <17") sweet spot at about 14.5-15". The added recoil of 00/000B doesn't aid in quick followup shots either (in case of multiple a/o armored targets).

#4B sometimes makes 12" and sometimes does not while providing only a marginal area improvement of 7-8% over #1B. Any load that does not consistently provide enough penetration should not be considered for serious defensive use.

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