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Originally Posted by Vartarg View Post
Thanks, guys, for the responses....very helpful.

Jim & Sig357: with an otherwise stock gun, other than night sights and a Storm Lake conversion barrel, why wouldn't I carry it?

With 9mm magazines, and the right barrel, is it a matter of reliability?

Hep' me!

Many folks say they use a conversion setup for CC after a rigorous test of several hundred rounds (or more) fired at the range. If it performs flawlessly during the test period, they say reliability has been reasonably proven.

The test process would be good enough for me, but I understand the opposing point of view. An argument can be made that anything different than OEM parts introduces an unknown factor to the gun's consistent performance.

One thing that would help me understand the issue has to do with the actual shape/dimensions of conversion barrels. Would a side-by-side comparison of OEM and a Storm Lake, visually and with measurements, show that they are identical or are there minor differences?

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