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If it's good/bad depends on how you define those terms. The 115g JHP Silvertip and Ranger bullet perform the same at the same velocities. They do now what they did over 20 yrs ago.

Through FBI spec heavy cloth:

115 Silvertip 11.8/.58
115 +P+ Ranger 10.15/.65
115 +P+ Rem 10.9/.62
115 +P+ Fed 10.6/.62

To the FBI, the above makes the slower Silvertip better than the faster +P+ loads, to others, not so much.

An old guy here was shopping at WalMart when he heard a woman screaming. She was being stabbed by her ex. He shot the ex twice w 115 Silvertip from an SA XD subcompact pistol. The ex was stopped immedieately and died. It worked fine then, no matter how you define good/bad terminal ballistics.

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