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Originally Posted by BenjiEDF View Post
Yeah.. I hate to be another safety sally but I agree. Remember that perception is reality and the picture can be used out of context. I believe you were being safe, but the photo is not doing anyone any good. Also you repeat a couple times that there is no ammo in the magazine... who cares? is there one in the chamber? The greatest majority of negligent discharges come from a gun with the magazine removed.
I agree from looking at the picture without prior knowledge of the situation it looks like a huge safety violation. For that I take full fault on. And I agree that alot of NDs happen with mag out and the idiots forgot to check/clear the chamber. As you said perception is key and no one can know the pre cautions or pre existing conditions that took place before the picture was taken. You can't tell from pic that the mag is empty, that the gun just came new out of box (so unless they manufacture and deliver guns with one loaded in the chamber then we should be safe there), that as we looked over the new purchase we obviously ran through the chamber and other components multiple times before it was ever raised, and that their is no ammo in the house that can even accidentally jump in the chamber.
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