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What EXACTLY does "doesn't feed properly" mean? Exactly, what are you doing to charge the pistol with the first round? And, exactly, what is happening to the round when you do charge the pistol?

Normally, you replace a magazine on a Glock pistol with the slide to the rear and the slide-stop engaged. This results in NO pressure being applied to the magazine, so it doesn't hang down. If you are inserting a FULL magazine into a closed pistol, it it normal for it to be pushed down as far as the magazine catch will permit. Again, that's normal.

If you are charging the pistol in any way other than by releasing the slide from the open position by touching ONLY the slide stop and releasing the slide, then it is very possible that you are creating the problem with improper operation. (this means that NO part of either of your hands can be touching the slide as it moves from fully retracted to battery)

It sounds to me like you are new to Glocks and need to learn the manual of arms for the Glock pistol so that you understand its characteristics and can operate it appropriately.

I have never had a failure to feed with a Glock pistol, regardless of the magazine involved.
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