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Originally Posted by RBid View Post
When I do dry-fire practice, I clear my weapon, load snap-caps, and put my finger on the trigger. I do so indoors, and the TV is often on.

I assume that you either eschew dry-fire, or that you do it outdoors, TV off, finger off the trigger, pointed at the ground?

My dry fire drills are done in a concrete walled basement with a cleared weapon and no ammo, TV, radio or kids or anything else that could be considered a distraction in the area. If your watching tv while doing dry fire drills, your doing it wrong. Try concentrating on what the hell your doing when it comes to weapon handling. And practice without the distraction of TV

Every excuse of why it was ok in this situation to have a finger inside a trigger guard has probably been said following a ND. The picture looks like unsafe handling of a firearm and if your saying differently, take another safety course.
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