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Originally Posted by fastbolt View Post
I've browsed the ammo selection in the sporting goods section in a handful of WM's over the last several years (while traveling) and I haven't been particularly enthused by either their selection or their pricing. I've seen bigger and wider selections of ammo at assorted Big 5 stores.
I agree that Wal-Mart's ammo selection is limited but for range ammo our local stores carry Federal, Winchester, Remington, Privi Partisan, and Tulammo in 9mm. For JHP self-defense rounds I always find it online and I'm glad I logged in an adequate supply over the past few years.

As for price, I bought two Federal 115-grain FMJ 100-round ValuPacks at $20+/each two weeks ago and the steel case Tulammo was at $10/box of 50. I don't shoot steel case ammo except in my commie firearms so it was an easy decision for me. At 20 cents a round for brass case 9mm range ammo I congratulate Wal-Mart for keeping prices low during this current guns/ammo surge.
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