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Originally Posted by rdunk View Post
Yes, I really like hickok45 too, very interesting in his presentations, and he is a pretty good shot!!

Relative to instructional videos, the answer is yes. I particularly like the Glock Store videos, concerning the "how to's" of part replacements and part additions to Glocks. For instance, hardly anything is more simple to install than a "grip plug", but just by watching the video, I knew exactly how to do it! And likewise for the "Grip Force Adapter".

And in my opinion, Lenny McGill does a good job of making the presentations/instructions simple enough for most of us to be able to understand, and follow. He is a Glock Armorer, and businessman too.

Yes, many, if not most of his videos are relative to parts the Glock store has to sell, but, business is business. I am just glad to have him tell us how to install and use the parts.
Just as long as GlockStore doesn't do a video on customer service...
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