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I carry just about every day, even though there's a small paragraph prohibiting it in the handbook. One of the owners (small company) carries, so I figure, why not?

However, I do lots of work off site, and often in schools. When I'm there, I lock it in the truck (hate leaving a firearm out of my personal control that's not locked up at home) And I often have to travel to states where the CC laws are not as friendly as Idaho's. It sometimes means I'm not carrying (not even in the vehicle) in places where I think I might actually need to. (like Oakland, for example. I was working there a few years ago, and had to get buzzed into Taco Bell, at 2 in the afternoon Probably a sign that I wasn't in the best neighborhood)

I do ignore the gun free zones when I'm in my home state and not working though. (movie theaters, malls, etc, but never government buildings) I don't frequent these establishments, but if I happen to be at one of these places when some psycho starts shooting the place up, I'll fight the charges of carrying where I'm not allowed, if it means I was able to defend my family or others.
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