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Did I screw up sending my early prod. 19 in?

I recently acquired a very early production 2nd gen G19, in the original G17 box that said "best in the market 1987" or something like that. The serial #DVXXXUS was on the label on the box. The only wear the pistol shows is from the box. The date codes on the barrel indicates a nov 1988 test fire. It has Austrian proof marks, a non captured recoil spring and all that stuff. It does have some night sights that are pretty dim, but still work, but I haven't been able to determine if they came from the factory. Everything that came with the gun was in the box except for the manual. However, despite showing no wear from being inserted into the pistol, both first gen mags were cracked, I assume, from being left loaded in some safe for the last 25 years. I didn't notice this when making the purchase, stupid me.

With G19 mags being in short supply (I way overpayed for the 3 spares I bought) I decided to send the gun and magazines in for the upgrades that have not been done, with the hopes that Glock will replace the mags.

Did I screw up a collectable glock by sending it in? I plan on using it as a shooter and cooler weather carry gun, so I'm not to worried about collector value, but I was wondering if I had a rare gem, and screwed up the value. If I did screw the value, I might have it upgraded to a 3rd gen frame, I hear I'll still get the old frame back.

This is only my second glock, but I'm pretty excited to have the older brother of my 'lil 26.
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