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Originally Posted by DJ Niner View Post
Thanks for the "clarification." I'm not hurting for mags, so I guess I can afford to stay away from companies that post disclaimers about their stock/inventory systems at the end of product descriptions.
Is it really that big of a deal that they put a disclaimer in there in case they screw up and list something that isn't actually available even when the MANY different people who have placed MANY different orders all report that if it shows up it's in stock and ships quickly?

Here I thought the annoying thing was sites that posted things as "in stock" when they were actually on backorder, or who posted thigns as "in stock" but with a 2-3 week shipment delay.

Do you know of a better source for new NHMTG mags (or equivalent quality mags) that charges $20 or less, currently has them in stock, and ships them quickly?

I have no special allegiance to this site/company and would be happy to try out anybody who can meet or exceed them.
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