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Originally Posted by Marshall Dillon View Post
I own both HK and Glock pistols...several of each. I've shot thousands of rounds through each brand. I would have to say the HK pistols I've owned are more accurate than the Glock pistols I've owned. However, the slight increase in accuracy isn't enough to prohibit me from carrying a Glock. I own more Glocks than HK pistols and absolutely love them. I've carried one particular Gen-2 G19 off and on for the last 20 years. However, for the last several years my carry gun has been an HK P30 and I don't plan on changing anytime soon. If I ever went back to a Glock, it would be to the G19.
I've got a gen 3 G27 and five HKs.
Fourteen handguns total.
My G27 is a fine weapon that I carrried for some time.
For the money Glocks are hard to beat.

But I really do think HKs are worth every penny they cost.
And my HK P2000SK 40 Light LEM has replaced my tricked out Glock G27.

It's just a better firearm.
And I deserve the best!

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