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Low pressure 10mm loads to keep cases reloadable

Finally got the Glock Model 20 I've wanted for a long time.

Also got 500 rounds new Starline brass. Some Nosler 135's, Hornady 155's and Sierra 165's. I have a Lee mold to cast 145 gr. truncated cones, from back when I used to shoot .40 S&W. Would like to find a load to use the 145's in the new 10mm. Would like a low-pressure load, so my brass won't bulge and can be reused many times. These would be used for famiiarization and practice only.

I have Blue Dot, Green Dot, Red Dot, Herco, Unique and AA#5 on the shelf. Any suggestions with any of these powders, or should I make a trip to my LGS and HOPE to find some W231 or ????? or ????
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