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Follow up on my order from TagetSportsUSA. Ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm several weeks ago. Knew it would be awhile so no problem. 1/30 got a FedEx shipping label said it would be here 3 days later. No ammo comes FedEx tells me the label was printed but the ammo was never given to them. Call up and was told that the supplier hadn't sent them the ammo that was promised so it would take about a week.
Today I get another FedEx shipping number. What the hell. Called them again and they said that was for some .45 I had ordered two weeks ago. I asked them about my 9mm and they told me it was waiting to be packaged. I said wait Friday you told me it wasn't in. You were waiting on a new shipment. She acted shocked and said wait a minute.
She came back on the phone and said it was going to take 2-3 weeks more to get my 9mm.
Here's the thing. They charged me for the 9mm when they generated the FedEx tracking number. I was told by them earlier that they did not actually charge until the ammo was shipped. Which is obviously false. Date I'm supposed to get it keeps changing. Story keeps changing. Called my bank to protest the charge.
Looked at reviews of them on line and they are right about 50%-50% happy or stories similar to mine. Take my money, no solid ship date, FedEx tracking number but no goods. Sure need the ammo. It was a good deal. But it's no deal if they don't have the product. They've never been rude. Always polite. And I know times are crazy.
But you shouldn't promise stock in you don't have. And you don't charge for what you don't have and haven't shipped. Don't mind the wait in todays circumstances. But when they tell me it's coming in 3 days, charge me for it, and don't send it, the story and delivery date changes as to the problem. It's time to get out.
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