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Originally Posted by Agent6-3/8 View Post
Hmm...the article leaves me confused.

How long was Deputy Cole in pursuit of Asher?
About 2 minutes.

Were his lights and sirens activated? Did the deputy call in a pursuit?
No and no.

My biggest question; what did the "protective sweep" entail?
Armed breaking and entering, vandalization, and burglary. There were a raft of other crimes committed as well. My favorite being manufacturing an SBR.

According to the article is sounds like Asher ignored the deputy's attempt to
initiate a traffic stop. Once home, Asher further ignored the deputy's commands
and entered his home. IMO, the deputy would have been right in pursing the man
into this home, detaining him and securing the scene. Apparently, the protective
sweep went beyond "plain view doctrine" and into the relm of a search

He didn't attempt to initiate a traffic stop.

I'll admit I'm stretching here trying to find a reasonable explaination why things turned out the way they did. There jsut isn't enough info...
They had over 5 years to come up with a reasonable explaination for what they did and they couldn't.

I had retired LEOs working security at the Federal court house come up to me and my attorney and say that they had never been asahmed to be a cop before, but after what they had seen, they wanted to apologize on behalf of good cops.

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