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Originally Posted by harleypower69 View Post
Envy, but that is the beauty of a democracy. You get to buy and shoot what you like and can afford. You can freely say what you think with no fear. I love my NHC Enforcer with the Predator barrel system and I tell everyone who asks about it. It has functioned flawlessly with every type of ammo. It tears one hole at 25 yards consistently. I have always been treated like a valued customer in my dealings with NHC. I had no problem with the price because I found value in this gun, it works well for me. I am selling my Dan Wesson Valor which I previously thought was the best 1911 I had ever owned. The rest of my .45's are Glocks.
It's great that your Nighthawk as been so reliable and they have treated you so well. Then again, you won't really know about their service until it breaks, will you? Or until you order something from them and it is not as described.
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