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I have a Sitka, Remora, and a Noatak....As far as the sling bags go for EDC, the Noatak is the best of the compact slingbags Max offers. I found the Sitka a bit cumbersome to carry everywhere. While I was enthusiastic about trying out the remora, I found it to be too small for any serious EDC use. It is poorly designed for CCW as well. It's biggest downfalls are the inward facing loop fields. Right or left handed, a decent, controlled draw with a positive grip is unmanagable when the loop field faces inward. Additionally, the CCW pocket on the reverse barely conceales a medium frame auto. When I say barely, I mean some parts still show. While Ive never used a Lunada, I've heard they are over-adminned (too many interior pockets and organizers). Again, my pick is the Noatak.
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