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Originally Posted by Comrade Bork View Post
GSSF is specifically designed for new, and thus ignorant, shooters.

I think the purpose of this rule is if someone shows up with a "hot" gun...
Nope. Rule 130.70 is under 130.00-Stage Procedures and (naturally) follows 130.60-Start Position and has to do with addressing the targets. It's the unwritten rule that now allows competitors to "point" the firearm over the berm - unless specifically disallowed by the local venue.

At my club, it is not allowed as we have hunters out the fields in the National Wildlife Refuge that out club is located within. I don't think it's allowed in Orlando (CFRPC) either. What this means is that any competitor (or RO) who is not familiar with local club policy, will not know what the policy is at any given venue unless specifically covered in the RO briefing for the ROs. Competitors will have to find out the rule when/if they are called on it.
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