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Most of what I know about Glocks I learned from YouTube videos. There are a lot of bad videos with bad or incomplete information, but the good ones can teach you pretty much everything you need to know. When I bought my first Glock which was also my first firearm, I learned how to field strip clean and lubricate a Glock from a few good videos. I also learned detail stripping and changing sights, and there are plenty of good videos that show better technique to become more accurate with a pistol.

There was a Glock Armorer who had a YouTube channel with a bunch of awesome videos but he closed his channel, I think his username was USD417 or something. The best ones I've seen are nutnfancy's and hickok45's cleaning videos, humans4targets2's detail stripping videos, James Yeager's and R6AJ's lubrication videos, DawsonPrecision's sight installation video, and OilTheGun used to have an excellent magazine catch video but he deleted it and I haven't bothered to look for a better one.

The only difference of opinion I have with the DawsonPrecision sight installation video is that I use blue loctite on the front sight, they recommend red but I'd rather not have to take a blow torch to the slide should I ever want to remove it. I used a Glock-brand steel rear sight so no loctite was required for it, just a drop of oil to help it slide in easier. And I don't think they mention in that video that if you're putting a Glock slide into a vice, the vice should not compress onto the slide rails or any area forward of the breech face because it can crack the slide and ruin it if too much force is applied. When I did the rear sight on my G27, I layered cereal box cardboard with masking tape on the jaws of the vice in such a way that pressure was only applied above the slide rails, and I used a delrin DMPS AR-15 takedown punch to tap the rear sight instead of using a brass or steel punch.
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