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Mgentry..... what do you mean you're "not certain" how you'd act...?? You should be crystal clear in how you'd act!!! Do remember anything at all about your oath!!?? Your oath is/was to the Constitution....not to some megalomaniac.

Guys - I'm still active duty and I have met NO ONE that would fire on citizens. NO ONE.

Does anyone remember Kent State University. American Military ( National Guard) fired on U.S. citizens (students). Or the riots in 1967 in Detroit where the 101st AB was brought in when the Michigan National Guard couldn't handle it. I know people who were riding around in Jeeps mounted with .50 cal machine guns ready to fire if need be.

It is impossible to predict what disciplined groups of people will do when directed to perform acts by strong willed commanders (NCOs or Officers).
As I remember it is up to the individual soldier to determine if an order is legal or not and if he(or she) is wrong he could easily be court marshaled or worse. Did you ever see "A Few Good Men"?

Not an easy situation.

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