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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Yes, you are correct. Those in LE do not make the the laws.

Let me ask you this. Whenever Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Cuomo, those people have press conferences promoting gun control, who generally, beyond their current fondness for children, can be found in the background demonstrating support for their agenda?

And when legislation is introduced at both the Federal and State level, during committee hearings, who testifies, or offers letters of agreement and support for those gun control measures?

Aren't those people the Chiefs and Sheriffs of major jurisdictions and representatives of major law enforcement associations?

Yes, they do not make the law, but their presence indicates, falsely, that they represent all of law enforcement. The politicians who do make the law want everyone to believe that lie. They want people to believe that every officer, deputy, agent they see wants the gun control they, the politicians are proposing.

How do you counter that? It's simple. Have more police and sheriffs organizations come out publicly against gun control.

How do you do that? You contact them. You ask for their support. You ask them to stand beside you. You ask them stand up for they Constitution.

Now, when the politicians call on them to appear as decorations on their agenda cake, they'll say, "No. your legislation will not deter gun violence by the criminals making the headlines on which you feed. It will undermine the Right of self defense of the very citizens, law abiding citizens, you represent..."

Yes, politicians do value support from LE. Our job is to have the overwhelming support on our side, behind politicians against gun control, not Obama's side, not Feinstein's side, not Bloomberg's side, not Cuomo's side.

See why it is important to seek that support from cops?

You can take this however you want, but you place way too much importance on yourself and other people in law enforcements opinion.

If you think for one minute that the powers that be give a damn what you think you would be mistaken.
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