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There is more danger of a collapse in the economy or a second deep recession, than there is of rioting over the second amendment.

The hub bub over Obama's perceived attempt to overthrow the second amendment is just another case of hysteria drummed up by the media. If you read the media with a critical eye you will see that there is no heart in the congress to make radical changes to gun laws or to even try to change the second amendment.

They may act on tightening background checks and other paper work, but, in spite of all the noise, the congress will not make radical changes that could jeopardize their ability to get reelected.

The biggest danger to this country is Obama's ineptitude in all other major issues of the day. Once the issues regarding gun control have quieted down he will have to actually produce results in regard to the economy, jobs, immigration education, energy, supreme court appointments and all of our other problems.

Remember, Presidents worry how they will go down in history. As each day passes Obama's days in office are getting fewer and fewer and he feels more and more pressure to make his mark in history. If he spends too much political capital, time, or energy on gun control he will negatively affect his legacy as President.

I am more concerned with when the shortages of guns and ammo will stabilize than I am worried about someone coming for my guns or my being confronted by a platoon of soldiers.
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