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This is the first Glock I've owned, though I have shot several.

This will become my primary off-duty carry handgun, so I will be shooting it a LOT, to become intimately familiar with the grip and trigger. I am concerned about the bulged cases I continually read about.

Of course, the cases of my defensive/carry loads, I could not care less about. If ever used, reloading them will not be a concern.

Just want to get in as much practice as possible, and keep cost to a minimum, like anyone else.

I've been a handloader for nearly 30 years, with no kabooms. I totally understand the reason for not publicly posting experimental "non-book" loads. But, if someone has done any experimentation with HERCO and light cast bullets in the 10mm, I would certainly appreciate the benefit of their experience, so I can confirm my extrapolated possibilities for HERCO. That's the powder I'd like to use, as that's what I have the most of right now, and cop salary and current powder prices are not compatible!
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