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Originally Posted by Dubble-Tapper View Post
I have owned several of both. I'm no sort of operator, but I don't believe that HK pistols are superior to any glock. Both have been reliable, both accurate, both durable. From a performance standpoint, my USP .40 and USP .45 were hardly worth twice as much as my glocks. Just my opinion.

Are they fine pieces of engineering? Of course. They are elegant, quality, and aesthetically pleasing firearms, but my glocks do just as good a a job as my HKs for half the price. Any real firearms guy can put the brand bravado aside and see that.

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My P2000SK 40, in my hands, is more accurate,
has less felt recoil and is more reliable than my gen 3 G27.
No bravado. Just reality.

(I've had a few hard primers that fired with a second strike)

Even "real firearms guys" may not have the same experiences.
Or see things the same way.

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