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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
See, you moved the goal posts again. I was responding to your point about Big Bang and/or/vs Big Chill and whether one or both were backed by evidence and you responded as if I was claiming evidence that no deity existed. That's called a strawman. Typical CavDoc style, if you don't like the question posed to you then respond to one you prefer and pretend as if it were the original.
Geko, the goal posts have always been right there. Neither of us can kick a definitive field goal through the goal posts.

Only one of us claims to have knowledge on whether a deity had or had not existed. Only one of us can really claim to be without a firm belief of whether a deity has or has not existed.

Be honest, just this one time. Did you post the following:

You are what you are, even if you deny it. Strawman? Really? Pot calling the kettle black again? If you can't see it, it's even more funny than it is now.

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