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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Only one of us claims to have knowledge on whether a deity had or had not existed. Only one of us can really claim to be without a firm belief of whether a deity has or has not existed.

Be honest, just this one time. Did you post the following:
Of course that is my quote. I have never denied it, but what does that have to do with the Big Bang vs. Big Chill? You keep trying to redirect the conversation away from your error, but everyone can see exactly what you are up to. I never made any claim about evidence for or against god in post #93 in this thread. It wasn't even what I was getting at. Quoting me on another topic that is completely unrelated is moot.

Hooligan and Void called you on this as well, but I don't expect you to acknowledge your error. This is why you are intellectually dishonest. At least I own what I say, your goal is to obfuscate the conversation to the point that no one can keep track of who said what. You tell Hooligan to google "Geko45 glocktalk inductive". Why? Again, what does my position on that matter have anything to do with my post #93 in this thread?

You claimed that modern Big Bang theory is mostly speculation. I've called you out on that unsupported assertion. Set aside the whole "evidence for or against god" argument for a moment and back up your own statement. What basis do you have to suggest that physicists and cosmologists are mostly speculating?

The thing is that a whole lot of people are speculating, sometimes with very little actual data, and a lot of extrapolated (imagined) data from present observations. A lot of people, including scientists, seem to be unwilling to admit the things they don't know.
Specifically, back up this statement. It is my position that you can't and that you are in fact speculating much more than the scientists you accuse. Have you read the scientific journals on these matters? Have you investigated and read peer reviewed papers or are you spitballing based on what you hear in popular media?
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