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Glock 40 cal.
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I also bought one in December before the craze happened for $800. The free float barrel makes this a very accurate shooter, I have put over 300 rounds without one hiccup. The full quadrail it comes with is really nice for accessories. I love this rifle, Ive replaced the sights with Magpul flip ups that work with my Reddot and just ordered a Magpul CTR buttstock. You're always gonna have the "Internet Commandos" who have the ultimate rifle with all the expensive bells and whistles -like some crazy invasion is about to happen, and they will save everybody because all their weapons wont fail and everyone with a cheaper model will perish. Lol. I did my time with a few weapons in "The Sandbox" and they were basic model weapons that served us just fine. (sorta like the mentality of my 5' tall neighbor with the huge new shiny Hummer) Guess what? An LEO friend turned me on to this rifle because his Dept. ordered a bunch of MMR's and the rifles have earned the respect of the SWAT guys real fast after crap loads of all kinds of ammo sent down range and it performed flawlessly. This rifle is also "milspec" throughout-if it matters. Enjoy your Mossburg bro, with a few added Magpul accessories I'm totally sold for sure for the price. :DClick image for larger version

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