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A post from Eric re: GNG & LE oriented topics...

For those who do not venture into GNG, CLI, and PI...
No More Police/Political/Civil Liberties-Related Threads In GNG

We opened a Cop Talk forum on GT more than ten years ago, along with a Political Issues forum and a Civil Liberties Issues forum. One of the primary reasons for these additions was to create a place for these always-divisive topics, so people wouldn't have to deal with them here. Most people don't want to chew over these topics every day and most that do can't seem to maintain any objectivity or decorum, when they indulge themselves.

With everything that has been happening over the last few months, I have relaxed the rules a bit, but it is time to rein things in. The fact is, most of the LEO threads started here are posted by someone with an agenda, pro or con, and most of these threads end badly.

From this point, if you want to discuss Cops or law enforcement, please do so in the Cop Talk forum. If you want to discuss laws, civil rights, civil liberties, etc, do it in the Civil Liberties forum. If you want to discuss politics, please do so in the Political Issues forum.

Obviously, with the state of current events in the US and the world, there will be news stories concerning politics that crop up almost daily. Topics about these stories can be posted here, but the moment they get dragged off-topic, they will be closed and the people who consistently drag these threads off-topic will be dealt with.

As for cop threads, I want them posted in Cop Talk.
That being said, I'd like to remind everyone of Eric's existing policy on posts here in CT...
Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Folks, I did not create this forum to give people a place to ***** about cops, or to question the morality or legality of their practices. You might have a burning need to do so, but this is not the place for it.

I created this forum as a place for cops to talk shop and for non-cops to be able to interact with cops and hopefully create some common ground. If you do not like cops, or you are pissed because you got a ticket, or you want to know how to beat the ticket, or you don't like no-knock warrants or DUI checkpoints, do not post about it here. Period. I am sick to death of all of the bickering and all of the problems a few knuckleheads here (On both sides of the fence) keep causing. I want the problems to stop.

If you want to discuss legal/ethical issues of police practices or policies, do it in GT's Civil Liberties forum. That is what it was created for. From now on, any such discussion here will be closed or moved to that forum. There are a handful of people here who are obsessed with the topic and they are screwing things up here for everyone else.

Once again and for the record, I and my site are big fans of LEO's and we support them. You do not have to like them yourself, but you do have to treat them respectfully if you want to post on my site. On the other hand, the problems here are not one-sided. I expect EVERYONE to comport themselves in a considerate, respectful manner, if they wish to continue participating here. There is no excuse for bad behavior and many of you are in a job that has certainly taught you better.

This forum has been one of the most problematic on GT, but I still feel it can be an asset if the people that use it will help it live up to its potential. Eric

Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

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