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Yesterday I checked out the local Gander Mountain. The only lever action 357 they had left was a Rossi Ranch Hand:

I had briefly considered one of these earlier, but dismissed it as a range toy. The Ranch Hand is far too clunky to use as a serious close quarters pistol. But while I was there, I asked the clerk to let me handle one. Somewhat to my surprise, I discovered that was possible to hold it against my shoulder. Sort of. Very awkward, and only the bottom point of the stock was actually touching. I suspect that a shotgun style shoulder pad and/or a removable recoil pad on the pistol would make a noticeable improvement. But I actually had a usable sight picture and it was far more stable than holding a pistol out with two hands. Ballistically the 12 inch barrel gives most of the advantages of a carbine, and if it could be shot more accurately than a pistol...

The Ranch Hand is legally a pistol, so it would usually have to be carried concealed. But at 24 inches, it's small enough to fit inside a backpack, gym bag or whatever much easier than a 34 inch carbine. Definitely a compromise in shoot-ability, but there's a lot to be said for a "long" gun that can be carried inconspicuously. If it was spotted, it's even more "cowboy" than a lever action rifle.
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