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Wish I could unload without taking a huge hit, I am looking into switching my 403B into a IRA or something else..soon. Last time this went around I saw it coming,,,had a new job, looked at teh market and housing real hard, opted NOT to get into a 401K....put the money into savings..., I Opted in when the market was at the BOTTOM ( dow about 6400 ) and dumped cash into it....put most into gold type stocks (mining/ processing)...I made an average of 45% return over 3 years. Dumped it again when my company got bought out. Paid off several loans, upped my credit score, then refinanced the house at 3 % ( AND the bank paid my first $2500 in closing costs) for 15 years. Cut 10 years off my payments, and payments are the same per month,, ( do the math on that !!)
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