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I try to be fair. So I've got to say that I just got an order from them for .45 that I placed 1/15. I still am uncomfortable with my card being charged for the 9mm I ordered at the beginning of January, being told it was being shipped, Fed Ex label showing I would get it in 3 days, and then nothing. And that different people in the company are giving me different stories on why I haven't gotten it yet, when I might get it, and so on.
If they don't have it, don't know when they will get it, or even if they are getting it they should just tell me straight up. And I should not be charged until the 9mm is actually sent. Although like I said to be fair I got my .45 I ordered on 1/15. But on the .45 I was not charged until it was shipped. Got a FedEx label, got charged, got it on time as FedEx promised.
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