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Originally Posted by firemax View Post
All gougers are opportunistic scum hurting this country by driving up prices, and selling their soul for money. You are in trouble if and when the stuff hits the fan. In your twisted mind it is ok to get yours and screw everyone else. I know you are not able to see this but it is not free enterprise. Free enterprise is not driven by greedy parasites but created by the hard work and risk of true business people who contribute to the economy. They create jobs for other people not take an advantage for money without hurting others. Gougers are kinda like a drug pusher but you can't get arrested for it. As for sour grapes, I have none. I do Very well as I stated I retired at age 54. I just love this country and hate the things people do without caring about the welfare of others and calling that conservative enterprise. It is not a conservative position to "Get mine at any cost to everyone else" It is about keeping our freedoms and preserving the constitution. I am not the enemy, I'm just saying think about it from another perspective and don't get offended at my opinion. Usually people get offended if the shoe fits. I am not offended at what anyone thinks about me or how I look at this subject. I expected this kind of response. Some people attack out of instinct to being offended. Others simply state their opinion without character attacks on someone they never even met. You may like me and just disagree with me on this one and only point. I would venture to guess that you and I agree on most other things.
This is too rich. Do I get to be the one to explain who Eric is?
Guys! Guys! He's down! Stop kicking him! If he shows up on another thread, Tasers are indicated, but for now, let him slink off into the shadows to lick his wounds and ponder how deeply cool and misunderstood he is!
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