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Originally Posted by firemax View Post
i agree with you. I was not talking about an Ak for $150 four years ago. I am talking about a $350 Keltech POS 2000 selling for $950 in a matter of months. Gouging is when you overprice, taking advantage of the situation. Like in N.Y where they were doubling the price of plywood knowing people would buy it. I need nothing I can think of in life. I don't like seeing our country going the route it is taking. People defend gouging so they can feel good about it.
The buyer of that Keltec drove the market, not the seller.

When you resold those houses you flipped, did you make a profit? Or were you just another jerk thats gouging?

How did you feel after you made that profit?

Look in the mirror and think again, buddy. It's the buyers overpricing you, not the sellers.
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